David Schwedel

David Schwedel

SMB Investor

Small & Medium- sized Business Investing within the energy technology, petrochemical, and manufacturing industries.

Creating shareholder value for more than 25 years.

David Schwedel is a U.S. based SMB investor with a demonstrable career in building businesses and creating shareholder value for more than 25 years. He has a depth of experience in complex cross-border financing, project financing, and global capital markets.

He began his early business career in the marine industry at the age of 12, going door to door, offering to provide monthly maintenance and detail services for boat owners. David has maintained a lifetime involvement within the marine industry by working with such renowned boat builders Intrepid, Cigarette, Bertram, and many others. He has been involved in all facets of design, marketing, manufacturing, and finance. He later founded MAREX, the world’s first business-to-business platform for the marine industry, which he grew to become a $550 Million Nasdaq listed company.

Mr. Schwedel has been responsible for completing more than $2.1 billion in financing for various businesses over his career.

He currently serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Gables Energy Partners, LLC, a leading North American energy and chemical technology company. He also serves as the Chairman of the Board of Directors, Executive Director, and lead investor for ENCINA.

David Schwedel also serves as the Executive Director of Coalview, Ltd., North America’s only fully integrated coal technology company, specializing in coal energy and waste coal recovery. He is the Executive Director of Electrolytic Technologies, LLC, which manufactures equipment to provide on-site generation of chemicals for water and waste water treatment, as well as the production of high strength sodium hypochlorite for industrial users. He is also a Managing Member of Corallum, a diversified holding and investment enterprise with interests in energy, energy technology, and corporate finance. David Schwedel previously served as the Senior Vice President of OLMC Group, a Venture Capital firm.

Mr. Schwedel was the founder of Florida Marine Management (MAREX), which he grew from a $2 million investment into a $550 million NASDAQ listed company.

He served as the lead investor for notable energy technology companies, including Synthesis Energy Systems, Inc., Coalview Ltd., LLC, Resonance Holdings, LLC, and Gables Energy Partners, LLC. David Schwedel is a member or advocate of several Florida charitable organizations. He has also been appointed as Chairman of the Board of Trustees for Miami Waterkeeper, a Miami-based, non-profit organization that advocates for Biscayne Bay, its watershed, and its wildlife.

Most recently Mr. Schwedel established Encina Solutions, LLC a petrochemicals company, as well as Gables Energy Partners, LLC, which is now a leading North American energy and chemical technology company.

Encina Solutions is developing projects which convert low value feedstocks into high value petrochemicals; a 200TPH Encina plant will emit 50% less CO2 than a state of the art natural gas fired power station.


Leaving a Positive Legacy

David Schwedel is an advocate of several organizations that foster science and technology for the betterment of children and families. Mr. Schwedel supports

community Logos


Committed and Concerned for the Ocean


David Schwedel is a lifelong water enthusiast with a firm commitment and concern for the ocean as well as its surrounding environment. Mr. Schwedel enjoys freediving, and all water borne sports above and below the sea. A passion that he shares with his family, and in particular with his three children.

Mr. Schwedel is the Chairman of the Board of Trustees for Miami Waterkeeper.

Miami Waterkeeper

David Schwedel

Energy Technology Investor

More than 25 years experience in complex cross-border financing, project financing, and global capital markets.

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