The Last of the Blue Water Hunters

Posted by: David Schwedel on Friday, November 6, 2015

Book cover of The Last of The Blue Water Hunters

If you are a “spearo”, fisherman, hunter, lover of the ocean, or nature, Carlos Eyles’ book, The Last of the Blue Water Hunters, is a testament for all of that and more.  The book is very well written.  In fact, it is so well written that even if you have never held a spear shaft or fishing rod in your hand you will become enthralled within the stories he weaves together.  The book captures your imagination, and increases your respect for both Mother Nature as well as the “Fathers” – those early pioneers of open ocean sea hunting.

In fact when I have recommended this book to my friends who are “like minded”, I have often told them the enchantment begins in the Prologue: 

It came from behind me and on the right. It was turned slightly on its right side and from twenty feet down looked straight up at me with its left eye.  My first thought when I saw its massive girth was, ‘I am a dead man.’  There was no doubt it was a great white shark.  Later we figured that by its length, somewhere between fifteen and twenty feet, it must have weighed well over three thousand pounds.  But at the time none of that registered in me.  I lifted my head out of the water and yelled ‘Shark,’ because I wanted the others to know what had killed me”.

More than this, you will appreciate Carlos Eyles’ obvious love and respect for the ocean.  He should be honored as one of the people who helped to foster a global sport.  This book will help you to find what it truly means to be an “Ocean Person”. I have owned this book for a decade now, and find myself going back to it often.  I have recently had to purchase a new version, as the one I had was well worn from many trips both in boats, and planes.  Air and salt water had taken its toll.  Carlos’ book reminds me that I too must return to the mother of all things, the sea.  When I am away from the ocean for periods of time, this book reminds me what I am at my core.

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