Coalview reveals plans for new $50m Pennsylvania processing facility

Posted by: David Schwedel

In July 2014, David Schwedel, executive director and lead investor of Coalview, and other leadership in the company announced plans for a new project. The company revealed plans for a new $50 million facility in Eastern Pennsylvania focused on creating anthracite products from coal fines.

Anthracite products can be used as domestic fuel or in steam-electric power generation. The substance offers a unique combination of mixed carbon without the degree of ash or volatile matter of other types of coal. 

With Coalview’s specialization in coal fines recovery, producers of anthracite that have existing coal fines impoundments present a prime opportunity. The new facility announced for Pennsylvania will include a coal fine recovery plant with a capacity to process 300,000 tons per year, as well as a full rail and truck load-out. 

Coalview hopes to expand such ventures in Pennsylvania, which is known for its mining expertise and existing industry infrastructure. By partnering with the state’s existing and former anthracite producers, Coalview also has the potential to provide employment opportunities that positively impact local economies.