Merger Market

Posted by: David Schwedel

David Schwedel, executive director of Coalview, is integral to the coal fines recovery company’s efforts to establish new avenues of growth. Since founding the company in 2011, he has worked to propel Coalview’s organic growth strategy through a variety of acquisitions and joint ventures, specifically focused on coal fines processing technologies.

The company’s founding emerged from the acquisition of Beard Technologies, and continued in 2014 when Coalview acquired more coal technology assets from KeLa Energy, which reduce toxic emissions and make coal fines more transportable in briquette form. Schwedel says the company views acquisitions in terms of how much further development the technologies require and at what cost. In addition to its acquisitions, Coalview is also interested in joint partnerships, for example dividing intellectual property and commercialization between another company and itself.

Beyond its focus on technology, Coalview also specializes in the development and design of coal fines recovery plants—recent plans include raising $150 million in debt to secure resources for three new projects. The company will rely on the bond market for a majority (70-80 percent) of these funds, with approximately $40-60 million directed toward each of the three initiatives. Two other projects in Canada are also in the works, with plans to begin funding them in 2015.

These new plans come off the heels of Coalview’s first major project: a coal fines recovery plant at the Centralia Mine in Washington, which is capable of processing 200 tons per hour and was constructed at a cost of $42 million, underwritten by Oppenhiemer.