Posted by: David Schwedel

Coalview is a leader in the coal fine recovery industry, addressing the production needs of growing coal slurry quantities—estimated at 6-8 billion tons in the U.S. Coalview’s involvement in the coal fine industry is global, and the company’s capabilities span the entire spectrum of project management, from financing to operating recovery plants.

As a flagship project in 2014, Coalview established a plant at the Centralia coal mine in Washington state. The mine operated from 1977 to 2006; construction began on the recovery plant in January 2014. The plant, which operates in compliance with state and federal requirements, produced its first coal in December 2014. Coalview has pioneered drilling and dredging techniques and technologies, conducts in-house testing and analysis of coal slurry, and engages comprehensive, state-of-the art equipment and processes for sizing, dewatering, and refuse disposal and reclamation.